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A unbeating heart one day
Turned an said to the moon
Why am I without love ?
The moon paused an thought
Then replied
Does a kiss prove love ?
Does a hug or cuddle show love ?
Or how about a dozen red roses ?
Do the words I love you ?
The unbeating heart replied
Yes they surely do….
The moon smiled at the heart
An said
Do you not feel warmth
When a lover holds you close ?
Do you not drown in her eyes
When she looks at you so ?
Do you not ache an crave for her hands
Upon your flesh so ?
An do you not pray to the heavens above to keep her safe in all she does ?
The unbeating heart looked at the moon
A tear forming gently flowing
The moon lent down
An kissed the tear away
An then said….
Love is what you make it
All the time you search for it
You loose sight of what’s in front of you
The heart smiled an felt warmth
Where upon it started to slowly beat
I feel alive
I feel real
I am but part an parcel of all
The moon replied….
That’s because you are loved for always.



Streets Of Whittington:

Deceptions Misconceptions misdirections
Fear an loathing hate an anger
Now come an take a walk with me
Amongst the many faces
Upon each one you see the lines
Pain an angst their only signs
Of a life held whilst living in alleys
Here I am an here I was
Born an raised on streets of gold
Promises an gestures but I never saw
No glory no riches just fear an lies
Painted faces screwed up places
Another shout another scream
Cozzers rozzers old bill the filth
Sweeping the passageways
As crack hoes take another note
Dealers holders runners skivers
Desire an drugs lust an drink
As another one passes out in the gutter
With the streets paved with blood
No Dick Whittington dreams here
They lay on the floor
All shattered like tear drops in the rain
Its always been this way a draw
A attraction to the masses
As they travel from far an wild
Like the lights of the fair
Or that new bought shop toy
Packaging suggests joy galore
Only to find its only a empty promise held within
Cameroon speaks but no one hears
Contempt an lies as another service closes
Banks hold money the fat cats laugh
Whilst the country sinks deeper in to the depths of despair
The price we must pay for bailouts an loans
An don’t forget your annual bonus
Faiths now long gone lost to the murky depths
We now we reside in a broken Britain
Where rats run an thief’s creep
No matter colour religion or creed
There’s no hope left here
Just as long the rich get richer
Stacking their bags of silver laughing at the poor
Begging surely for more with held out hands
They buy the hidden services an act so great so pious
That keep the wheels spinning
On the ever turning mill
That is the streets an passageways
If this city called London


Finding Summer

I’ve looked myself
oh so deep
Searched an sought
The ever beyond
Echoes of voices unclear
Distant reminders of whom I was
Lost in the depths of
A cold dark bleak winter
Rising frost strewn memories
Frozen an bare
Led upon the uncut fibres
Of what was once all of me
Now sheltered in a cocoon
Nestled warm an safe within
Awaiting the sun rays of summer
Grass bare trees barren
No growth no light
For new life to spring forth
Away from the bleak days
Where on a single beam
Touches my heart deep inside
Lighting the fuse of breath
A single beat strikes
An the blood begins to course
Flowing to an fro
Movement through adjustment
As the sunlight pierces my whole
Alive I am free I be
As I rise to the ever shining sun
Born again my cocoon shed
Lifted on high to the light
Ready to grow ready to reach
The ever coming summer
Of all that is my memories
My thoughts my feelings
Of you my love….❤