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March 27, 2013

A unbeating heart one day
Turned an said to the moon
Why am I without love ?
The moon paused an thought
Then replied
Does a kiss prove love ?
Does a hug or cuddle show love ?
Or how about a dozen red roses ?
Do the words I love you ?
The unbeating heart replied
Yes they surely do….
The moon smiled at the heart
An said
Do you not feel warmth
When a lover holds you close ?
Do you not drown in her eyes
When she looks at you so ?
Do you not ache an crave for her hands
Upon your flesh so ?
An do you not pray to the heavens above to keep her safe in all she does ?
The unbeating heart looked at the moon
A tear forming gently flowing
The moon lent down
An kissed the tear away
An then said….
Love is what you make it
All the time you search for it
You loose sight of what’s in front of you
The heart smiled an felt warmth
Where upon it started to slowly beat
I feel alive
I feel real
I am but part an parcel of all
The moon replied….
That’s because you are loved for always.



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